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As of version 1.0, Worlds Collide includes a robust and highly flexible objective system that allows players to be rewarded or penalized for completing certain actions within the game.

Objectives are composed of one or more conditions (up to a maximum of eight) paired with a result, either positive or negative. If multiple conditions are listed for a given objective, the player must complete the specified number (which can be all, or only some) in order to trigger the result.

Up to 25 objectives can be set for a single seed.

Objective flags are ordered using letters A to Y. The flagstring will note this along with a series of numbers that represent the result and condition(s) of the objective. For example, the flagstring -oa represents Objective A with a Result of Unlock Final Kefka, with 1 required Condition: find 3 characters.

All Random values used within the Objective system will be determined at seed creation, which means that players will be able to see what those randomized values are in the menu which appears at the beginning of each new game, or in the Track menu during the game.

Note: Except for any objective with a result of Unlock Final Kefka, objectives are not required to be completed to finish the game. They may be completed as part of required game progression, however (e.g. an Objective with no Conditions will automatically complete at the beginning of the game).

Conditions Results

Flagstring Explanation:

Flagstring values correspond to the order in which the results/conditions are displayed within the dropdown boxes. The Result of an objective is always the first number.

Examples: Random is 0, Kefka's Tower->Random is 1, Kefka's Tower->Unlock Final Kefka is 2, Battle->Random is 20, Item->Random is 34, and so on. A list of results in their sequential order can be found here, following "category_types".

If a Result can be numerically randomized with sliders, the next 2 numbers will provide the minimum and maximum values for the Result. Objective A with a Result of Battle->Add Enemy Levels with a minimum level 3 and maximum level 15 will begin "-oa 21.3.15".

The next 2 numbers correspond to the min/max sliders that set how many Conditions are required to complete the objective. Note that if the minimum required Conditions is set to 0, there will be a chance that the Objective will be completed immediately upon starting the game, regardless of how many Conditions there actually are, and regardless of the maximum required Conditions value/slider.

The remaining numbers correspond to Conditions. Similar to Results, the flagstring numbers correspond to the order of condition options displayed within the dropdown boxes. There is a difference from Results in that "Random" Condition options are represented with the letter "r" instead of a number.

Examples: A Random condition will add a "1.r" to the flagstring. A Condition that requires recruiting 2 to 5 Characters will add a "2.2.5". A Condition that requires finding a Random Esper will add a "5.r". A Condition that requires performing in the Opera will add a "12.4".