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Weekly community races occur at 8PM EST Thursdays and 7PM EST Saturdays, organized in Discord. Restreams will be on the FF6 Worlds Collide Twitch channel, and VODs of past races can be found on Youtube. These races feature a wide variety of different formats including co-op, mentor, bingo, holiday, all random, and standard race presets. Past community race VODs and seeds can be found here.

Learn how to participate here!

Recurring Races

Seed of the Week (SOTW) may be played for fun or as a race and often features a unique flagset involving an interesting theme or challenge. Featuring leaderboards, weekly rankings, and spoiler channels for player discussion the SOTW is a great way to get started at your convenience without any pressure. Past SOTWs can be found here.

Living Seed is a weekly async where runners get to choose different flags week after week. Be prepared for all sorts of randomness. Past seeds can be found here. Current rules:

  • Anyone who enters the race may change one flag. Another person entering the race cannot undo a flag you change, including choosing a flag which invalidates your choice (for example, if you choose to change the price of shop items, someone else cannot change it to Empty Shops since that would negate your choice).
  • If you change a flag that also includes a sub-flag, you can specify both (for example, if you choose "Change MP to Random Percent," you pick what percent you want). Choosing to Enable Skip for Kefka's Tower will initially keep the same requirements as the non-skip, and you may change one of the requirements at the same time as enabling the skip.
  • After setting a flag, please use "!Setteam "flag choice"" to make it easier for everyone to check the current flags (Entering "!entrants" will list all runners and their flag choices).
  • If flags are not yet locked in place, you may change your flag until that time. Flags will be locked at 8:00 pm on the day the race begins.
  • After flags are locked in place, I will roll the seed and save the flagset. The next Runner's Choice race will begin with the flagset from the previous week.
  • Nonstandard options, such as Entrance Randomizer, are not allowed unless otherwise noted.
  • Enemy scaling flags cannot be set above 3, in order to keep difficulty from getting too high. In addition, vetoes will be allowed if the majority of runners in a given week think that a certain flag makes things unreasonably difficult.
  • Periodic resets to the flags will occur when the flagset has become too complex or difficult, in order to keep things more accessible for all players.
  • Flag changes will be locked in and a seed rolled around 7-8 pm EST on Mondays.
  • Non-mechanical flag changes can be requested by pinging me. This way, you can use your !setteam flag change for something that alters the mechanics.
  • Any change to KT requirements will be defaulted to normal entry unless specifically stated that it's for statue skip.
  • REGARDING OBJECTIVES - This is a basic outline for how they will be handled at the moment. I'll update and change this as we acclimate to the new flags. Feedback and suggestions on guidelines are encouraged!
  • There will be a hard limit of TWO (2) required objectives (one for KT and one for Skip) and FOUR (4) reward objectives active at one time.
  • Adding a new objective - Set requirements and reward.
  • Change an objective - Alter the requirements or reward of a pre-existing objective or remove the objective completely
  • Conditions - You may set as many possible goal conditions as you please. However, you may not require more than (FOUR) 4 of them.
  • Setting requirements to none is okay within reason (Example: Setting Objective - None with Reward - All Spells is going to be instantly vetoed).
  • Wildcard - I'll be adding my own flag change every week to throw a little controlled chaos into the mix. If the seed is too easy, I'll be making it harder, and vice-versa. I'll decide on the flag change as I'm rolling the seed and I will announce what the change is when I post the seed.

Draft Async is a weekly async where runners use the draft system to pick flags. Past seeds can be found here.
Explanation of how the draft functions - start on page 5