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Starting Out

Final Fantasy 6: Worlds Collide Intro and Overview - Created by SirBlogzALot
How to Setup and Play Worlds Collide (PC and Phone) - Created by Jones

Moogle's First Seed: a video introduction to Worlds Collide Parts 1-4 by Ravlin and Vam. Contributions from WeffJebster
Moogle's First Seed Part 5
by MrEntity
If you want to play along with Moogle's First series, here are the seeds:


Character Gate Maps With Treasure Counts - Treasure counts may be outdated. Created by Mina
Treasure Chest Locations Part 1 Treasure Chest Locations Part 2 - Created by Cecil

Treasure count by area - Created by DD_G, updated by franklin

doubledown's FF6 WC Guide (v1.4.0) - Created by doubledown
franklin's FF6 Worlds Collide Guide (v0.9) - Created by franklin
jack's Racing Tips (v0.9) - Created by jackimuswedge
Ravlin's Guide (v0.8) (or on Google Drive) - Created by Ravlin with contributions by Cecil, FutureForce14, Drewlith, jackimuswedge, and Mina
Ungated Checks (v0.8) [video playlist] - Created by Ravlin

Boss Weakness Spreadsheet - Created by MrEntity
Final Boss Guide - Created by jackimuswedge
Rage Rankings - Tiered list of rages. Created by Raitzeno and Cecil
Steal Rankings - Tiered list of items stealable from enemies. Created by TheShwantz27
drewlith's Slots training video - Created by drewlith
ATB Wait Tricking - Created by TheSabin | 10 min video on Wait Tricking - Created by Xelpher
Zozo Clock Puzzle Example - Created by franklin
Airship Flying Tutorial [video] - Created by seto kiaba


Algorithms FAQ (includes damage formulas, game mechanics) - Created by Terii senshi
Monster Scripts - Enemy battle scripts. Created by bover_87
FF6 Skills and Parameters - Detailed table of spells/skills. Created by Cecil
Enemy Exp-to-Level Ratio/Monster Table - Created by Cecil
Equipment Chart - Created by franklin. Thanks to DD_G, Xelpher for tables
Original Character Starting Stats
Fixed Dice damage calculation - Created by Rat
Additive Damage Multipliers Guide - Created by Cecil
Fight damage calculations - includes sheets for Hyper Wrist, Gauntlet, ValiantKnife - Created by franklin

Game Tracking

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StatsCollide - track your own stats!

Restreaming Guides

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