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Community Races
Everyone is welcome to join in our weekly community races. Synced races are at 8PM EST on Thursdays and 9PM EST on Saturdays, and we also have recurring async races (Seed of the Week, Living Seed, Draft Async) as well. Learn how to participate here!

Ultros League Season 5 (Oct 2023-)
Season 5 Announcement
If you played Ultros League in previous seasons, you already know all the basics: 8 weeks, 4 tiers of competition, the strongest finishers get promoted to higher tiers while the lowest finishes risk demotion. If you’re new or looking for a refresher, check out the full rules and info right here.

Ultros League Season 5 will be the first major event in WC to run on the new 1.4 version of the randomizer. With a new version comes new flags! As with previous seasons, the goal of Ultros League is to provide a “standard” racing experience. To that end, we’ve made a few tweaks (and implemented some of the new flags) to refine that experience and provide an even more consistent, balanced race flagset.

At a high level, we’ve made the following changes from season 4:

   Objectives: Unlock KT Skip -> Complete any 1 of: Recruit 9 characters, Find 12 espers, Complete 21 checks (was Complete any 1 of: Recruit 9 characters, Find 12 espers)
   Magic: Ultima – Expensive Ultima (254 MP) (was No Ultima)
   Magic: Espers – Learn Rates Random Tiered (new flag!)
   Items: Cursed Shield Battles – 6-14 (was 3-14)
   Items: Shops – Expensive Super Balls set to False (was True)
   Items: Shops – No Super Balls set to True (was False)
   Items: Shops – No Exp. Eggs set to True (was False)
   Items: Shops – No Illuminas set to True (was False)
   Items: Coliseum Visible Rewards 100-120 (was 80-100)
   Gameplay: Item Rewards – Possible Item Rewards: ValiantKnife, Illumina, Ragnarok, Atma Weapon, Fixed Dice, Flame Shld, Ice Shld, Thunder Shld, Minerva, Genji Glove, Offering, Exp. Egg, Snow Muffler, Cat Hood, Dragon Horn, BehemothSuit, Aura Lance, Force Shld, Force Armor (new flag!)

There have been no other changes to the flags – scaling, character/esper requirements, stats, and everything else related to game mechanics is just the way you remember from previous seasons.

The revised flags are available on the Info and Rules page, or check out this news post for even more details on what changed and why the changes were made. SeedBot’s ultros league preset has been updated on both the web and Discord bot. Start rolling your practice seeds now and enjoy seeds with more Ultima and less Genji Helm!

Battlegrounds (Aug-Oct 2023)
Event Results
To war! To war! The fate of the world of Final Fantasy VI hangs in the balance! Join the fight in our newest event campaign: Worlds Collide: Battlegrounds!

In Battlegrounds, some combatants fight for world order as mighty soldiers of the Gestahlian Empire, while others rise up to resist the imperial march as courageous Returners. Each week, both sides clash to determine who will control regions of the world, from the snowy rebellion’s base in Narshe all the way to the heart of the imperial war machine in Vector. Will you heed the call and rise up to be a hero of this conflict?

Earn points for your side or grab glory for yourself! Who will sit atop the mountain when the victor of this balance of power is crowned? Choose any of three active battlegrounds per week to claim it for your faction, charging your way to the enemy base and earn personal accolades in duels and skirmishes along the way. The side with the lowest average time wins and the highest point-earners will be anointed! And fear not, conscientious objectors, you can be rewarded for helping the cause, too!

Event rules:

Registration: Saturday, July 22 - Sunday, August 20
Uprising: Sunday, August 13 to Sunday, August 20
Battlegrounds Main Event: Weekly races from Sunday, August 20 to Sunday, October 29 (or earlier if one faction achieves victory before the end date)

Good luck, and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

Past Events & Races

Ultros League Season 4 (Jun-Aug 2023)
Season 4 Announcement
If you played Ultros League in previous seasons, you already know all the basics: 8 weeks, 4 tiers of competition, the strongest finishers get promoted to higher tiers while the lowest finishes risk demotion. If you’re new or looking for a refresher, check out the full rules and info right here.

With a new season also comes a new version: Worlds Collide version 1.3 is releasing soon and Ultros League will be the first event to feature the new version. This version features a number of bugfixes and quality of life improvements, including a change to Ebot’s Rock to boost the odds of getting to the hungry chest after acquiring enough coral, as well as a boost to monsters/bosses casting healing magic on themselves.The majority of changes are fairly small (no new checks this time!) but a few will have an impact on Ultros League, so make sure to check out the updates on this Discord post.

Tournament of the Month (on hold)
Info - Google Docs

The Tournament of the Month wheel has been spun, and for the first tournament of 2023, we're going to be hunting for treasure!

You can roll some practice seeds right now in the #seedbot Discord channel using the command !preset TotM Treasure Hunter. The tournament runs for three weeks starting January 1! No sign-up necessary, just jump in the race room for the first async and you're all set to go. Full rules are in this doc, and as always, let me know if you have any questions. Good luck and happy hunting!

Blackjack Battle Royale (Apr-Jun 2023)
Blackjack Draft Flagset Options
Winner: FalconHit
Runner-Up: peroquenariz

The next big FF6 Worlds Collide event is almost here! You are cordially invited to join us aboard the Blackjack for a winner-take-all FF6 Worlds Collide racing extravaganza! In the Blackjack Battle Royale, competitors face off in weekly races where the slowest racers get eliminated. But there’s a catch - before every week, the racers will be drawing from the Blackjack deck to change their flagsets. Every week, the seed will shift into a new, unique flagset, meaning no two groups and no two seeds will ever be the same!

It’s our most unique event yet, and only one person will survive until the end. Registration for the event will open up in a week, so get ready to toss your chip in the pile and take a chance to win it all! In the mean time, come on over to the #bbr-general-chat channel in the Discord to discuss all things Blackjack Battle Royale.

Ultros League Season 3 (Jan-Mar 2023)
Season 3 Announcement
Sign-up Sheet
Ultros League is an ongoing series of async races designed to offer players of all skill levels an opportunity to compete in a fun race environment. Players in this league are seeded into different divisions, roughly by skill level, where they compete in week-long standard race asyncs against the other racers in that division. At the end of the season, top performers in each division get promoted to the next tier, while the lowest racers get relegated down one tier. Seasons run for 8 weeks, with breaks between each season. Please check out the links above for full rules, schedule, and sign-up info!

The Coliseum II (Nov 2022-Feb 2023)
Winner: FalconHit
Runner Up: zen0bian
Full Details: Info, Rules, Flagsets
Sign-up Form
The Coliseum is a festival of Worlds Collide racing featuring not just one, not two, but three events!

The Grand Melee: To begin the event, all entrants will gather on the floor of the Coliseum for a single week-long free-for-all async race. The best 32 times in this race will advance to the main event to fight for ultimate glory, while the remaining combatants will fight for survival instead in a different contest.

The Coliseum: For the main event, the top 32 finishers from the Grand Melee will be randomly seeded into a double elimination tournament bracket of weekly 1v1 sync races. Each week of the tournament, the gladiators will arm themselves with that week’s flagset, chosen from an armory of tournament flagsets specially procured by the Coliseum staff for this event. Each 1v1 match will play a unique seed from that week’s chosen flagset.

As this is a double elimination tournament, gladiators will not be eliminated until they have suffered two defeats. This includes the finals: the winner of the loser’s bracket will have to claim victory over the undefeated champion of the winner’s bracket twice in order to be crowned the Grand Champion and forever earn the Coliseum Champion role in the WC Discord.

Ultros League Season 2 (Sep-Nov 2022)
Season 2 Announcement
Sign up form

Moogle's First Tournament (Aug-Sep 2022)
Winner: gaahr
Runner Up: Kozzbot
Full details
If you're newer to the game and want to hone your knowledge and skills, this is a great opportunity to do so! On the flip side, if you've been around for a while and you want to pass along some hard-earned knowledge, there are plenty of folks who want to learn!

Ultros League Season 1 (May 2022-August 2022)
Event Rules
Sign up form

Battle Royale 2022 (Feb-Apr 2022)
Winner: Xelpher85
Runner Up: DoctorDT
Event Rules
VODs and Seeds

At the end of February, we'll be kicking off the 2022 Battle Royale! This will be an elimination tournament embracing a 'pod' concept, slowest time(s) eliminated each round until only one remains!

Tiny Winter Tournament (Jan 2022)
Winner: Xelpher85
Runner Up: ShadowCid
3rd Place: GreenMonkey
4th Place: Jefe01
VODs and Seeds | Event Rules, Participants, Detailed Race Results

The Tiny Winter Tournament 2022 was a two-weekend, single-elimination tournament, with the qualifying async starting Wednesday, January 5th, concluding with the final match on Friday, January 14th. Sign-ups opened December 28th and closed the morning of the January 5th at 9am EST. It was the public launch of Worlds Collide version 1.0.

Ladder Season 1 (Jun-Oct 2021)
Winner: Doesnt
Runner Up: kielbasiago
Ladder Leaderboard
YouTube Playlist | Event Rules
Participants & Detailed Race Results | Weekly Results (12 weeks, each week on an individual sheet)

A weekly free-for-all ladder starting on Monday, June 14 at 9 PM ET. No signup necessary - all races will be week-long asyncs. Joining and finishing a ladder race (including any forfeits, so don't join unless you plan to finish!) will add you to the leaderboard. Please see the event rules linked above for more details, including calculation of the Elo (ladder scoring system).

Banon's Battle Plan (Jul-Oct 2021)
Winner: kielbasiago
Runner Up: Javinat0r
VODs and Seeds | Event Rules
Round 2 Results

The Banon's Battle Plan draft tournament is coming! This is an event featuring a brand new race format, where you and your opponent craft the flag-set minutes before you race. Get more details on the Worlds Collide twitch channel on Friday, July 16 at 8pm ET when there will be an overview of the format/tournament with Elastoid and Edgeworth, the creators and admins of the tournament, along with an exhibition race!

The Coliseum (Mar-Jun 2021)
Winner: JackimusWedge
Runner Up: Doesnt
Coliseum Bracket
YouTube Playlist | Event Rules, Participants, Detailed Race Results

This is a new Worlds Collide challenge in a bracket-style, double-elimination, 1v1 tournament! Gladiators will face off against an opponent each round in what I’m calling a semi-synchronous race. Every round will have a flagset, but each pair of gladiators will have their own seed. Not everyone in the round needs to fight at the same time, but you and your rival do! Winner advances, loser goes to the loser's bracket for one last chance at victory! Races will be restreamed on the FF6 Worlds Collide Twitch channel.

Kefka Grand Prix 2 (Feb-Apr 2021)
Winner: Xelpher
Runner Up: Jones
Weekly Results
VODs and Seeds

Kefka Grand Prix 2 is a Mario Kart style async event spread over the course of 5 weeks. Points are awarded based on who completes the seed the fastest. In the end there will be a 3 week single elimination final 4 to decide the ultimate winner.

Kefka Grand Prix 1 (Oct 2020-Jan 2021)
Winner: Locke
Runner Up: JackimusWedge
Weekly Results
VODs and Seeds

The Kefka Grand Prix Battle Royale Tournament is a Mario Kart style async event spread over the course of 8 weeks. Each week a random participant is selected to choose the flags players will run the following week. Points are awarded based on who completes the seed the fastest. In the end there will be a 3 week single elimination final 4 to decide the ultimate winner.

Worlds Collide Battle Royale (Jun-Aug 2020)
Winner: Boo
Runner Up: Edgeworth
Weekly Results
VODs and Seeds