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Note on multiple Results at once: if all the Objectives have the same Condition and are thus fulfilled simultaneously, Objective A's Result will always occur first, then Objective B's Result, then C, D, E, etc.

Kefka’s Tower

Result Details
Random (Kefka's Tower) Picks between Unlock Final Kefka and Unlock KT Skip.
Unlock Final Kefka The player will be able to step on the final set of three switches in Kefka's Tower to enter the final boss battle. Without this objective complete, you can enter the tower and get all the way to the final switch room but you won't be able to step on the switches.

If only 1 objective with this result is present, it is required to finish the game. If there are 2+ objectives with this result present, only one of those will be required. Note that you will always need at least 3 characters to enter KT, regardless of this condition. If you only have 2 characters you won't be able to enter the tower at all.

Unlock KT Skip The player will be able to enter Kefka's Tower and choose an option "Statues" to enter, after selecting 3 parties. These 3 parties will end up in the switch puzzle room, before fighting Guardian and the statue boss checks. This skip may be used once per completion of the objective; if there are still unfinished Objectives for this Result, the player may complete those Objectives to "earn" another skip.

For example, say you have 3 Objectives, each one with a Result of KT Skip. If you finish 1 of those Objectives, you can access the KT Skip. If you go into KT and then warp out, you will not be able to use the KT Skip anymore, until completing another one of the other 2 Objectives. You cannot "stack" KT Skips, so if you complete all 3 Objectives, use the KT Skip, and then exit out, you will not be able to use the KT Skip again. You can also choose "Entrance" when entering KT and appear in the vanilla locations. Note that the KT Skip does not grant access to the final boss battle if an objective to Unlock Final Kefka is also present and incomplete.

The designated battle status condition will be set on all party members. Status effects will be applied at the start of battles, so some effects will time out naturally while others will be permanent for the battle (see the Algorithms FAQ section 2.7 for more details on timing). Note that wearing status protection equipment will prevent these from occurring (e.g. equipping Peace Ring or Ribbon will prevent Auto Berserk).

Random (Auto)
Auto Berserk
Auto Condemned
Auto Float
Auto Haste
Auto Image
Auto Muddle
Auto Mute
Auto Reflect
Auto Regen
Auto Safe
Auto Seizure
Auto Shell
Auto Sleep
Auto Slow
Auto Dog Block
Auto Life 3
Auto Overcast
Auto Dark
Auto Clear
Auto Imp

Extra levels will be added to the designated class of enemies.

Random (Battle)
Add Enemy Levels
Add Boss Levels
Add Dragon Levels
Add Final Levels

Enemy Levels will affect only "regular" monster levels. Boss Levels affect "normal" bosses only - they will not affect Dragons or the Final Bosses (3 tiers+final Kefka).

  • Bosses are not Enemies
  • Dragons are not Enemies or Bosses
  • Final Bosses are not Enemies or Bosses

A designated number of learnable skills/spells will be added or removed from all characters, or the duration of the Morph condition will be maxed out (normally, Morph duration is increased by earning MP after battles up to a max of 255).

Random (Command)
Learn Blitzes
Learn Dances
Learn Lores
Learn SwdTechs
Learn Spells
Forget Spells
Max Morph Duration
Magitek Upgrade

Blitzes, Dances, Lores, and Spells learned will be random ones not currently learned. SwdTechs learned will always be in the normal vanilla order from level progression. Magitek Upgrade grants the last four commands (Bio Blast, X-Fer, Confuser, TekMissile), with the first four commands (Fire Beam, Ice Beam, Bolt Beam, Heal Force) available by default.

Spells "forgotten" will only pick from a global list of spells known. For example, say Celes knows Cure and Ice, and Terra knows Cure and Fire, and no one else has learned any spells. If an Objective is completed with a Result "Forget 2 Spells", then the 2 forgotten spells will be either:

  • Cure and Fire
  • Cure and Ice
  • Ice and Fire

The player will receive an item or set of items.

Result Details
Random (Item) Randomly picks one of the other Item options.
Breakable Rods Receive 1 each of the following:

Heal Rod, Fire Rod, Ice Rod, Thunder Rod, Poison Rod, Pearl Rod, Gravity Rod

Dragoon Receive DragoonBoots, Dragon Horn, and one of the following:

Aura Lance, Pearl Lance, Partisan

Dried Meat Receive 1 Dried Meat
Exp. Egg Receive 1 Exp. Egg
High Tier Item Receive 1 of the following:

Aegis Shld, Aura Lance, BehemothSuit, Cat Hood, Dragon Horn, Economizer, Exp. Egg, Fixed Dice, Flame Shld, Force Armor, Force Shld, Gem Box, Genji Armor, Genji Glove, Genji Helmet, Genji Shld, Ice Shld, Illumina, Magus Rod, Marvel Shoes, Minerva, Offering, Paladin Shld, Pearl Lance, Ragnarok, Red Cap, Snow Muffler, Thunder Shld, ValiantKnife.
If Stronger Atma Weapon flag is on, Atma Weapon is included in this list.

Imp Set Receive Imp Halberd, TortoiseShld, Titanium, Imp's Armor
Illumina Receive 1 Illumina
Rename Cards Receive 14 Rename Cards
Ribbon Receive 1 Ribbon
Sprint Shoes Receive 1 Sprint Shoes
Tools Receive 1 of each Tool:

Air Anchor, AutoCrossbow, Bio Blaster, Chain Saw, Debilitator, Drill, Flash, NoiseBlaster

Throwables Receive 20 Shuriken, 10 Ninja Star, 5 Tack Star, 10 Fire Skean, 10 Water Edge, 10 Bolt Edge, 5 Inviz Edge, 5 Shadow Edge
Restoratives Receive 10 Tonic, 10 Potion, 5 X-Potion, 10 Tincture, 10 Ether, 5 X-Ether, 3 Elixir, 1 Megalixir, 10 Fenix Down, 5 Revivify, 2 Antidote, 2 Eyedrop, 2 Soft, 3 Remedy, 10 Sleeping Bag, 3 Tent, 2 Green Cherry, 2 Echo Screen
High Tier Weapon/Armor/Shield/Helm/Relic Receive 1 random item of the chosen type from the reward list (see High Tier Item row above)

The designated stat will be increased or decreased for either all or one random character, within the range shown (between -99 and 99).

Random (Stat)
MagPwr All
Speed All
Stamina All
Vigor All
MagPwr Random
Speed Random
Stamina Random
Vigor Random

The designated status effect(s) will be applied to the current party. Can be canceled by scripted party heals.

Result Details
Random (Status) Randomly picks one of the Status options.
Fallen One Reduces all active party members' HP to 1
Full Heal Revives and fully restores all active party members' HP and MP
Imp Song Sets the Imp status effect on all party members
Sour Mouth Sets Dark, Poison, and Imp status effects on all active party members