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Version 1.4.0 - Oct 14, 2023

  • Add tiered equipable equipment and tiered equipable relics options
  • Add customizable list of potential item rewards from checks
  • Split Esper spells flags into separate flags for spells and learn rate
  • Add Throwable and Restoratives objectives
  • Add IronMog Mode flag - prevents saving in seeds
  • Add High Tier Weapon, High Tier Armor, High Tier Shld, High Tier Helm, and High Tier Relic as objective results
  • Eliminated in-game RNG with fixed encounter - every runner will encounter the same enemies at the same fixed encounters
  • Eliminated random fixed encounters on Lete River - Left/Right will always be 4 encounters, Straight will be 5, Going Up will add 2 encounters
  • Reduced Poison pixelation
  • Add Mt. Zozo and Lone Wolf to No Free Characters/Espers
  • Fixed Relm's theme playing at the Owzer's Mansion if it's a different character
  • Add more detail to seed generation error message
  • Removed the L. from "Remove L. Spells" in the flags menu
  • Deprecated Random RNG (-rr) flag - it's always on
  • Deprecated Randomize Clock (-rc) flag - it's always on
  • Made Lone Wolf character reward play the character's theme and Updated Terra's theme to "Terra's Theme" from "Awakening"
  • Locke's Theme will continue to play through Narshe Moogle Defense non-boss battles

Version 1.3.1 - July 2, 2023

  • A bugged encounter found when using the Chest Random Monster flag has been removed
  • Add Auto Dark, Clear, and Imp objective results

Version 1.3.0 - May 21, 2023

  • Add max Auction House Espers option
  • Add remove "Top" spells option (Level 3 spells, Life 2, Quick, Merton, Pearl, Flare, X-Zone, Stop, Ultima)
  • Add random monsters in chests option
  • Add Shuffle and % Random options for Coliseum opponents and rewards
  • Add a menu icon to show when all spells have been learned from an Esper
  • Add an option to make healing text blue (to be able to distinguish from damage)
  • Add option to have NPC dialog replaced with general game tips
  • Add Scale by Bosses and Dragons Defeated option
  • Add Shuffled Steals and Drops options
  • Add Auto Overcast objective result
  • Ebots Rock warp: once you have 22 coral, every teleporter will have a 50% chance to warp to the boss room, 25% chance to warp to the save point room, and 25% chance to warp to the exit room
  • Mobliz WoR characters will now joins the battle at average level
  • Adjusted Vargas sprite positioning at Mt Kolts so that B-Dash speed will no longer be able to outrun him
  • Old Man in Narshe WoB will tell you the required Cursed Shld battles
  • Coliseum will no longer revive characters at the start of battles if Permadeath is on
  • A number of checks that would play a found character's theme now play the found character's theme if the check contains a character
  • The boss in the Ultros 2 location (Opera House) will now play its regular battle theme instead of being disabled for the Grand Finale
  • Modify enemy ability scaling tiers so that higher level cure spells are now more likely to be cast by lower level enemies
  • Moogle Defense in open world will now show standard Esper/item sprites (Soldier, Imp, Ghost, Merchant)
  • Moogle Defense no longer removes awarded Objective +/- stats for unrecruited characters
  • Fix bug that hid MP in menu if character knew Lores but not Magic
  • Fix feeding Cid fish timer glitch

Version 1.2.2 - January 8, 2023

  • Fix Moogle Defense inventory bug
  • Hide count of Coliseum Rewards Visible in Track menu if option is off

Version 1.2.1 - December 28, 2022

  • Add Moogle Defense check (character gated by Mog)
    • Add Marshal boss. Randomize the 2 other monsters in the Marshal formation to be a pair of the following: Red Wolf, Covert, Ogor, Tap Dancer, Sky Cap, Dueller, Fortis, Tyranosaur, PlutoArmor, Barb-e, Retainer
  • Expensive Breakable Rods and Expensive Super Balls options no longer mutually exclusive

Version 1.2.0 - December 19, 2022

  • Add Starting Party Level option
  • Add Starting Espers option
  • Add Improved Sketch/Control option
  • Add Magitek Upgrade objective result
    • Terra's extra 4 Magitek commands no longer available by default
  • Add Auto Life 3 and Auto Dog Block objective results
  • Add Statue Battles options
    • Original, Shuffled amongst vanilla locations, Mixed with other bosses
  • Add Magic MP Randomization options
    • Original, Shuffled, Random Value from 0 to 254, Random Percent from 0-200% of original
  • Add Learnable Spells option
    • Add Remove All, White, Black, or Support Magic options
  • Add Expensive Ultima option (costs 254 MP)
  • Add Warp All option
  • When spells are removed from Espers with random/random tiered option, the spells will be replaced with one in the same Esper spell tier
  • Add Expensive Breakable Rods and Expensive Super Balls option
    • Fire/Ice/Thunder Rod price from 3000 to 12000, Poison Rod from 1500 to 4500, Gravity Rod from 13000 to 15600, Pearl Rod from 12000 to 14400, Super Balls from 10000 to 20000
  • Add No Sprint Shoes option
  • Remove excluded non-S tier items from tiered or scaled chests
  • Add Movement options
    • Original, Auto Sprint, B-Dash, Sprint Shoes B-Dash
  • Add Kefka Tower boss locations as objective condition checks
    • Kefka's Tower Ambush (Inferno), Kefka's Tower Guardian, KT Left Triad Statue, KT Mid Triad Statue, KT Right Triad Statue
  • After the Kefka @ Narshe check, party now warps to Arvis' house
  • Ensure that Gau can use Magic in Fanatic's Tower
  • Permadeath: Life 3 is now learnable
  • Permadeath: Replace Life with Cure 2 in Rhobite Rage
  • Permadeath: Learn Spells objective result can no longer give Life or Life 2 spells
  • Add new Worlds Collide intro splash screen
  • Move Flashes options to Accessibility (can now be applied independent of seed, like Graphics)
  • Replace boss death flash removal with flash of monster sprite
  • Add slow scrolling background during Air Force and Baren Falls battles
  • Add High-Contrast World Minimap option
  • Add Rage descriptions to Rage menu
  • Set default configuration options to Message Speed 1, Battle Speed 6
  • Add clarification of quantity of objective conditions required
  • Fix weapon special abilities not working with Capture
  • Fix multi-Steals only giving 1 item
  • Fix bug with recruiting Blitz users level 42 or higher and not being able to learn Bum Rush
  • Fix bug with objective dialog causing issues after completing Burning House
  • Fix issue with too many "add level" objective results causing battle crashes
  • Fix a bug that sometimes caused characters to fly offscreen after changing the party on the WoB airship and then interacting with certain NPCs
  • Fix Flash Tool positioning during animation (Stray Flash)

Version 1.1.0 - February 22, 2022

  • Add Steal Chances options
    • Higher increases odds of both rare and common steals
    • Always increases odds of rare steals and guarantees success
  • Add Remove Flashes options
    • Worst removes flashes from animations such as bum rush and flash
    • Most removes most flashes from animations include final Kefka death
  • Add Chest Contents Random Scaled option
    • Probability of higher tier items begins low and increases as more chests are opened
  • Add MagiTek command
    • Add sixth random exclude option
  • Add High Tier Item objective result
  • Remove Auto Stop objective result
  • Remove Heal Rod from Breakable Rods objective result
  • Change Stat objective results limit from 255 to 128
  • Change chest item tier weights
  • Fix incorrect Zozo randomized clock hint
  • Fix not enough different dragon types in seeds with Dragons objective conditions
  • Fix Win An Auction objective condition not completed if auction items not randomized
  • Fix Health reflect character position bug
  • Fix pregame flags/objectives menus with bizhawk snes9x core

Version 1.0.3 - January 23, 2022

  • Change Phoenix Cave character gating to require Locke for reward instead of at entrance
  • Fix checks complete not incremented after finishing Magitek factory

Version 1.0.2 - January 22, 2022

  • Fix item objective results after Veldt check
  • Fix double counting bosses/dragons
  • Fix ymain argument import error
  • Fix Esper spells argument length in flags menu

Version 1.0.1 - January 20, 2022

  • Add leap of faith event to reset feeding cid and allow both saving/killing cid
  • Double health values of fish (positive and negative)
  • Guarantee Blitz command if Suplex A Train objective condition exists
  • Fix Imp Song and Sour Mouth objective conditions

Version 1.0.0 - January 14, 2022

  • Add objective system
    • For each objective, a result will be applied once the number of required conditions have been completed
    • Up to 25 objectives with up to 8 conditions each may be specified
  • Menus
    • Add objectives and flags to pregame menu
    • Add objectives, checks (completed and available), progress, and flags to in-game track menu
  • Scaling
    • Change Progress scaling to characters + espers + dragons
      • Note: dragons now includes all dragons defeated instead of required dragons defeated
    • Add characters + espers scaling
    • Add checks completed scaling
  • Remove Kefka's Tower and KT skip requirements (replaced by objectives)
    • Change KT Skip to lock after landing at statues to prevent warping out and skipping repeatedly
    • Note: Final Kefka objective conditions checked before final battle instead of at KT entrance
  • Remove Extra Enemy Levels (replaced by objectives)
  • Remove learn all SwdTechs reward from Cyan's dream (replaced by objectives)
  • Require finding both stooges in Cyan's Dream
  • Add Ghost Train encounter to the end of Phantom Forest after completing check
    • Note: Allows completion of suplex a train objective condition
  • Rename 'No Free Progression' to 'No Free Characters/Espers'
    • Replace Tzen Thief with Sealed Gate
  • Add Random Clock option
    • If enabled, clock's correct time and NPC clues in Zozo randomized
  • Add No Exp. Egg and No Illumina shop/coliseum options
  • Add feed cid event
  • Add perform in opera event
  • Prevent completing security checkpoint by going around through the back entrance
  • Randomize injured lad postal prices and reward
  • Change Lone Wolf alternative item from any random item to good random item
  • Imperial Camp requires 4 fixed encounters for all reward types
  • Fix Life spells learnable with permadeath enabled and natural spells not randomized
  • Fix Fenix Downs stealable/dropable/metamorphable with permadeath enabled
  • Fix original/shuffle coliseum rewards containing Illumina/Exp. Egg with no Illumina/Exp. Egg enabled
  • Fix Exp. Egg metamorphable if no Exp. Egg enabled
  • Fix Duane and the dog appearing in Mobliz WOB
  • Fix custom character name display in mobliz WOR child dialog and Veldt leap return dialog
  • Fix missing end quote character in Veldt reward
  • Fix game reset when talking to NPC after Y NPC Stone
  • Airship maintains current position when switching between WOB and WOR
  • Change file naming scheme to ff6wc_[seed id]
  • Expand ROM to 4MB

Version 0.9.3 - June 28, 2021

  • Fixed an issue with party start average level and recruiting characters on the Veldt

Version 0.9.2 - June 14, 2021

  • Add Kefka's Tower Statues shortcut
    • Separate Character/Esper/Dragon requirements from entrance requirements
    • Add airship option when landing if both entrance and statue requirements met
    • Display in pregame and track menus
  • Separate enemy scaling options into level, hp/mp, and exp/gp options
    • Allow different scaling methods for each
    • Add additional scaling factor options [0.5, 5.0]
  • Add ability scaling factor options [0.5, 5.0]
  • Replace Esper Equipable options with more flexible range based options
  • Replace Item/Relic Equipable options with more flexible range based options
    • Add Balanced Random and Shuffle + Random options
    • Note: New Original + Random does not have an exact equivalent to the old version. A value around +50 is similar
  • Add No Free Progression option
    • Removes character and esper rewards from events: Auction House, Collapsing House, Figaro Castle Throne, Gau's Father's House, Kohlingen Inn, Narshe Weapon Shop, South Figaro Basement, Tzen Thief
  • Add Permadeath option
    • Life spells cannot be learned. Fenix Downs unavailable (except from starting items and enemy drop/steal). Buckets/inns/tents/events do not revive characters. Phoenix casts Life 3 on party instead of Life. Hidon will not use ChokeSmoke. Magic Urns will not use Life/Life 2. Entering a battle with every party member KO will result in a game over
  • Add Stronger Atma Weapon option
    • If enabled, added to "good" item pool and custom price and tier are increased
  • Prevent characters with Rage command from equipping Atma Weapon to prevent vanilla bug
  • Add Fight to list of available commands
    • Fight will not be selected by Random or Random Unique options
  • Add Start Warp Stones option
  • Add Start Fenix Downs option
  • Add Start Tools option
  • Add No Exp. Eggs option
  • Add No Illuminas option
  • Add Retort bug fix option
  • Add Jump/Launcher/Super Ball bug fix option
  • Reduce Rizopas timer from 10-90 to 5-55
  • Fix Imperial Camp box softlock
  • Add Scan All option (for testing/debugging)

Version 0.9.1 - April 1, 2021

  • A new Y NPC option is now available under Other > Misc. - Happy April Fools!

Version 0.9.0 - February 27, 2021

  • Convert several existing arguments to use value ranges
  • Add pregame menu when game begins without an existing save file
  • Add track menu to main menu
  • Add sprite hash available in pregame/track menus and log
  • Modify Original Name Display option to include original names in final battle party select menu
  • Add Natural Magic Menu Indicator option
  • Add Dance Display Abilities option
  • Add Dance No Stumble option
  • Add Coliseum Rewards Visible option
  • Add Coliseum Rewards Menu option
  • Add Character Stats option
  • Add Sell Fraction option
  • Add Hide Requirements option
  • Remove dragons remaining text
  • Add Mix Bosses & Dragons option
    • Guarantee 8 Dragons in each seed
  • Adjust fixed/random encounter bosses to apply to packs instead of formations
  • Shorten Ebot's Rock chest dialog/scene
  • Move party to Thamasa after completing Cave On The Veldt
  • Invoke the 3 additional battles for esper reward at Imperial Camp
  • Add item reward type to opera house
  • Add Event Timers options
    • Random: Collapsing House (6 minutes -> 2-5 minutes), Opera House (5 minutes -> 4-7 minutes), Floating Continent (6 minutes -> 5-8 minutes)
  • Modify Kefka scene at end of tower and play Kefka's theme before final battles
  • Adjust esper/shop/chest random tiered options. Higher tiers and healing spells/items are now more common
  • Increase rarity of Fallen One for Scale Element Enemy Abilities

Version 0.8.4 - November 29, 2020

  • Add Enemy Damage Counter bug fix option
  • Allow Bum Rush to be learned without Sabin in the party
  • Reduce Opera Ultros' HP by half when Normalize & Distort enabled
  • Remove Pearl Wind from ability scaling.
  • Fix Umaro's equipment not updated when relics changed and Equipable Umaro enabled
  • Fix raft appearing under party after switching members on Lete River

Version 0.8.3 - November 2, 2020

  • Fix various chests to no longer be included in shuffle/randomization
  • Make chests which change contents between WOB/WOR available separately in both worlds
  • Add missing Thamasa outdoor chests
  • Add chests to spoiler log
  • Add Chest Contents Random Tiered option
  • Add Shops Inventory Random Tiered option
  • Add Esper Spells Random Tiered option
  • Add Boss Normalize & Distort Stats option

Version 0.8.2 - October 17, 2020

  • Add Enemy Ability Scaling options
  • Add Esper Equipable options
  • Fix bug when assigning vanilla palette 6 to NPCs

Version 0.8.1 - September 26, 2020

  • Shorten flag encoding
  • Prevent custom flags from being invalidated when sprites/palettes/portraits added/removed

Version 0.8.0 - September 16, 2020

  • Reorganize spoiler log to match new website layout
  • Add options to customize character names/portraits/sprites/palettes
    • Note: Customization options do not affect RNG seed
  • Add options to change/randomize/shuffle character commands
  • Add Original Name Display option
  • Add Start Average Level characters option
  • Rages: Add No Leap and No Charm options
  • Lores: Add MP and Everyone Learns options
  • Dances: Add Start Dances, Shuffle Abilities, and Everyone Learns options
  • SwdTechs: Add Everyone Learns option
  • Blitzes: Add Everyone Learns option
  • Make Lores/Dances/SwdTechs/Blitzes learnable by all characters with the command when Everyone Learns disabled
  • Natural Magic: Add characters/levels/spells options
  • Add No Undead bosses option
  • Add Random 20/50/80% and All escapable encounter options (do not apply to bosses)
  • Exp. Egg custom price increased: 14,000 -> 60,000
  • Remove item rewards: Excalibur, Atma Weapon, Stunner, Sky Render, Heal Rod, Tiger Fangs, Red Jacket, Ribbon, Merit Award
  • Add item rewards: Pearl Lance, Flame Shld, Ice Shld, Thunder Shld, Dragon Horn, Exp. Egg
  • Add No Elemental Shields shop option
  • Add No Super Balls shop option
  • Shuffle vendor shops with item shops (Merchant at Gau's Father's house)
  • Fix Narshe WOR weapon shop dialog with esper name

Version 0.7.4 - July 31, 2020

  • Fix Kohlingen Inn reward NPC appearing after staying without Setzer

Version 0.7.3 - May 23, 2020

  • Fix Search The Skies option when Doom Gaze no escape disabled

Version 0.7.2 - May 17, 2020

  • Convert guaranteed esper checks to esper/item checks
  • Add "Search The Skies" airship option
    • Note: Available after recruiting Setzer in Character Gating mode, always available in Open World mode
  • Remove Locke in party requirement for Narshe WOR doors in Open World mode
  • Add workaround for incorrect random encounters on Floating Continent (clears random with next 3 flag)
  • Automatically exit Ebot's Rock after receiving reward
  • Shorten Phantom Train ghosts scene

Version 0.7.1 - May 15, 2020

  • Fix Imp equipment bonuses applied without Imp status

Version 0.7.0 - May 10, 2020

  • Add Random Encounters options and remove Fanatic's Tower exception
    • Note: Replaces Shuffle Encounters option
  • Add Fixed Encounters options
  • Add Shuffle/Random Phunbaba3 option
    • Note: Also applies to Random/Fixed boss encounters
  • Add Max Scale Level option
  • Add options for specifying number of dragons required
  • Replace esper reward for killing all 8 dragons with item rewards after each dragon
  • Change Pearl Lance to drop from White Dragon instead of acquired after battle
  • Increase maximum espers required option to 27
  • Add Boss Experience option
  • Make two separate Equipable options for Equipment and Relics
  • Fix enemy AI HP thresholds to be percentage based instead of value based
  • Reduce Esper Mountain Ultros HP by half
  • Increase HP of bosses as follows:
    • 4x: Leader
    • 3x: Rizopas, Piranha, TunnelArmr
    • 2x: Ipooh, GhostTrain, Kefka (Narshe), Dadaluma, Ultros (Opera), Ifrit, Shiva, Number 024, Number 128, Left Blade, Right Blade, Left Crane, Right Crane, Nerapa
  • Randomize time until Rizopas appears (~10-90 seconds)
  • Reduce No Priceless Item values of X-Ether, X-Potion, Elixir, Megalixir

Version 0.6.7 - April 24, 2020

  • Add Dried Meat option
    • Note: If Dried Meat set to 1 and Gau is required for Sabin then the dried meat is guaranted to not be in Phantom Train shop
  • Add Shuffle + 20% Random Shop Inventory and Chest Contents options
  • Add Empty Shop Inventory and Chest Contents options
  • Make shuffling esper spells/shop inventory now shuffle the number of spells/items in each esper/shop
  • Make Random Start Rages exclude Nightshade and Doom Drgn

Version 0.6.6 - April 21, 2020

  • Change Doom Gaze No Escape to also disable escaping from Doom Gaze
  • Fix possible gaps in esper spell list with No Ultima enabled
  • Apply unequip all members to Umaro if Umaro Equipable enabled

Version 0.6.5 - April 20, 2020

  • Save files no longer auto loaded after game over to prevent various bugs

Version 0.6.4 - April 17, 2020

  • Add Progress Enemy Scaling options
  • Add No Exp Party Divide option
  • Move party selection menu to before fighting boss at Doma WOB with character reward
  • Apply unequip those no in party to Umaro if Umaro Equipable enabled
  • Change Magic Points Multiplier to no longer apply to gained morph duration

Version 0.6.3 - April 13, 2020

  • Fix Cursed Shield battles only applying to the first uncursed shield
  • Fix game over not triggered on Floating Continent if time runs out
  • Fix party position in Ultros/Chupon battle with shuffled/randomized bosses
  • Fix Cat Hoods/Dirks appearing in inventory after leaving Phoenix Cave/Kefka's Tower with party of 2 or 3

Version 0.6.2 - April 12, 2020

  • Fix various enemy AI script conflicts
  • Fix Mag Roader script glitch

Version 0.6.1 - April 11, 2020

  • Fix enemy special attacks always inflicting damage/blind

Version 0.6.0 - April 10, 2020

  • Add Boss Battles Shuffle/Random options
    • Note: Bosses and dragons shuffled/randomized separately
    • Note: Disabling Doom Gaze No Escape also excludes Doom Gaze from shuffling/randomization
  • Add Game Time Enemy Scaling options
  • Add Chadarnook More Demon option
  • Add MagiMaster No Ultima option
  • Add Cursed Shield Battles option
  • Add number of required Cursed Shield battles to end of dialog when received in Narshe WOR
  • Add No Moogle Charms option
  • Add No Free Paladin Shields option
  • Add No Ultima option
  • Add Original (Random Rates) and Shuffle (Random Rates) Esper Spells options
  • Change Scale Final Battles to no longer apply to Guardian/Statues
  • Remove most boss battle dialogs
  • Remove dialogs after final battles to allow ending scenes to autoplay
  • Fix Extra Enemy Levels not applied to unscaled final batles/dragons when enemy scaling enabled

Version 0.5.3 - April 4, 2020

  • Add change party members option to unequip NPC in airships

Version 0.5.2 - March 31, 2020

  • Fix bypassing Zone Eater character gate
  • Fix Cat Hoods/Dirks appearing after Narshe Battle

Version 0.5.1 - March 30, 2020

  • Fix softlock when attempting to stay at Albrook inn

Version 0.5.0 - March 28, 2020

  • Add Character Gating game mode
  • Add Start Character options for full party
  • Add Random No Gogo/Umaro Start Character option
  • Add Equipable Umaro option
  • Add SwdTech Runic All option
  • Add Equipable Random Unique option
  • Add Equipable Original + Random option
  • Change guaranteed character checks to esper/character checks
  • Make Zozo Tower only available in WOB and Mt. Zozo only available in WOR
  • Lower Moogle Charm No Priceless Items value
  • Change WOR overworld music from "Dark World" to "Searching For Friends"
  • Shorten merchant dialog at Gau's Father's House
  • Fix Kefka sprite animation on Floating Continent
  • Remove dialogs from end of Floating Continent

Version 0.4.6 - March 3, 2020

  • Add Random RNG option (affects Slots, Auction House, etc...)
  • Add Boss Skip Fix option to prevent skipping Poltrgeist and Inferno
  • Add item reward after Atma in Kefka's Tower
  • Add ghost shop to Phantom Forest after completing Phantom Train
  • Make unchosen reward from Narshe weapon shop in WOR available beyond Whelk in WOB
  • Make unchosen reward from Lone Wolf available in moogle room in WOR
  • Make Floating Continent rewards no longer missable
  • Make Vector accessible after finishing Magitek Factory
  • Fix missing Interceptor in battle
  • Fix softlock in Phantom Train after using lump of metal on chest in Cyan's Dream
  • Remove scene in Rachel's house with Locke in party
  • Restore Lone Wolf's halt dialog

Version 0.4.5 - February 28, 2020

  • Fix shuffled encounters sometimes differing between games with identical seeds/flags

Version 0.4.4 - Feburary 26, 2020

  • Add Spoiler Log option
    • Note: A log with flags and basic information is still generated if option is false
  • Add share link and encoded flags to log file
  • Add flags to RNG seed. Changing any flag will change the generated game
  • Add encoded flags to generated file name
  • Add No Breakable Rods shop option
  • Make airship follow South Figaro <-> Nikeah boat
  • Add reward after Stooges in Cyan's Dream
  • Add reward after AtmaWeapon on Floating Continent
  • Move second esper reward to after defeating Number 024 in Magitek Facility
  • Change Phoenix Cave to a single reward which is no longer a guaranteed character or esper
  • Add character rewards to more events
  • Remove minor line of dialog after defeating all statues in Kefka's Tower

Version 0.4.3 - February 21, 2020

  • Make Nikeah to South Figaro boat accessible in WOR to prevent losing airship access

Version 0.4.2 - February 19, 2020

  • Fix Interceptor/Strago sometimes appearing in Thamasa inn after Phantom Train

Version 0.4.1 - February 15, 2020

  • Change Shuffle Encounters option to shuffle formations instead of packs
  • Fix glitched Dirt Dragon and Collosus appearing as random encounters

Version 0.4.0 - February 14, 2020

  • Add Kefka's Tower Dragons Required option
  • Add Scale Eight Dragons option
  • Add Sealed Gate event
  • Add Narshe WOB Kefka Battle event
  • Shorten Mine Cart ride in Magitek Factory
  • Shorten IAF sequence before Floating Continent
  • Add possible character reward to Daryl's Tomb event
  • Change Daryl's Tomb text to display reward

Version 0.3.2 - February 6, 2020

  • Fix Narshe shops to no longer change after Magitek Factory

Version 0.3.1 - February 5, 2020

  • Fix Shop Inventory Shuffle option to only shuffle accessible shops

Version 0.3.0 - February 2, 2020

  • Add Esper Spells Original/Shuffle/Random/None options
  • Add Esper Bonuses Original/Shuffle/Random/None options
  • Add Start Rages Random/All/None options
  • Add Start Lores Random/All/None options
  • Add Bum Rush Last option
  • Add Fast SwdTech option
  • Add Starting rages, lores, and espers to log file
  • Rearrange log file options to match updated website

Version 0.2.3 - January 29, 2020

  • Add Auction House Door Esper Hint option

Version 0.2.2 - January 27, 2020

  • Fix NPC at Gau's Father's House disappearing after completing Phantom Train

Version 0.2.1 - January 27, 2020

  • Add Scale Final Battles option

Version 0.2.0 - January 26, 2020

  • Add Sketch Bug Fix option
  • Add Random Distortion option for shop Buy/Sell prices
  • Add No Priceless Items option
  • Add shops, inventory, and prices to log file
  • When scaling is enabled, add slight distortion to enemy levels

Version 0.1.8 - January 19, 2020

  • Receive Phantom Train reward after the boss fight if not received in the caboose.
  • Fix lump of metal chest in Cyan's dream

Version 0.1.7 - January 19, 2020

  • Fix shuffled chest duplicates (including monster in a box chests)
  • Fix shuffled/randomized shop duplicate entries
  • Fix Terrato spelling

Version 0.1.6 - January 18, 2020

  • Fix softlock when recruiting character at beginning of Floating Continent
  • Fix missing airship with 4 party members on Floating Continent
  • Fix save point graphics glitch on Floating Continent
  • Make dying to Ultros in the Opera House result in a game over
  • Add seed to generated file names
  • Improve error handling for Invalid ROM files and allow headered ROM files

Version 0.1.5 - January 15, 2020

  • Fix softlock when trying to enter Kefka's Tower when zero espers are required

Version 0.1.4 - January 14, 2020

  • Allow for zero experience, magic points, gold multipliers
  • Add Extra Enemy Levels option
  • Add Party Highest Level scaling option

Version 0.1.3 - January 12, 2020

  • Fix Sabin/Relm appearing in Vargas/Ultros battles without being recruited
  • Block access to Albrook port in WOB

Version 0.1.2 - January 12, 2020

  • Fix Strago/Shadow appearing after Burning House

Version 0.1.1 - January 11, 2020

  • Fix bird on Cid's island freezing game when talked to

Version 0.1 - January 11, 2020