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You will fulfill the condition automatically at the beginning of the game.

A random condition will be set, which must be completed to trigger the objective result.

You will fulfill the condition after collecting the designated number of characters.

You will fulfill the condition after recruiting a specified character.

Recruit Celes
Recruit Cyan
Recruit Edgar
Recruit Gau
Recruit Gogo
Recruit Locke
Recruit Mog
Recruit Relm
Recruit Sabin
Recruit Setzer
Recruit Shadow
Recruit Strago
Recruit Terra
Recruit Umaro

You will fulfill the condition after collecting the designated number of espers.

You will fulfill the condition after collecting a specified esper.

Random Find Phoenix
Find Alexandr Find Ragnarok
Find Bahamut Find Raiden
Find Bismark Find Ramuh
Find Carbunkl Find Shiva
Find Crusader Find Shoat
Find Fenrir Find Siren
Find Golem Find Sraphim
Find Ifrit Find Starlet
Find Kirin Find Stray
Find Maduin Find Terrato
Find Odin Find Tritoch
Find Palidor Find Unicorn
Find Phantom Find ZoneSeek

You will fulfill the condition after defeating the designated number of dragons.

You will fulfill the condition after defeating a specified dragon.

Defeat Blue Drgn
Defeat Dirt Drgn
Defeat Gold Drgn
Defeat Ice Drgn
Defeat Red Drgn
Defeat Skull Drgn
Defeat Storm Drgn
Defeat White Drgn

You will trigger the result after defeating the designated number of bosses.

You will trigger the result after defeating a specified boss.

Random Defeat FlameEater Defeat Nerapa Defeat Tritoch
Defeat Air Force Defeat GhostTrain Defeat Number 024 Defeat TunnelArmr
Defeat Atma Defeat Goddess Defeat Number 128 Defeat Ultros 1
Defeat Atma Weapon Defeat Guardian Defeat Phunbaba 3 Defeat Ultros 2
Defeat Chadarnook Defeat Hidon Defeat Phunbaba 4 Defeat Ultros 3
Defeat Cranes Defeat Ifrit/Shiva Defeat Poltrgeist Defeat Ultros/Chupon
Defeat Dadaluma Defeat Inferno Defeat Rizopas Defeat Umaro
Defeat Doom Defeat Kefka (Narshe) Defeat SrBehemoth Defeat Vargas
Defeat Doom Gaze Defeat Leader Defeat Stooges Defeat Whelk
Defeat Dullahan Defeat MagiMaster Defeat Tentacles Defeat Wrexsoul
Defeat Marshal

Note that any first encounter of a boss/dragon will count towards the objective conditions and boss/dragon counts. For example, if you have bosses in random encounters and find Whelk as a random encounter before finding him at a check somewhere, then defeating him there can count towards objectives/counts. But killing him multiple times after the first will not increase the boss counter.

If any Objective has a Result of "Unlock Final Kefka", then any Condition involving defeating a specific Dragon/Boss will cause the randomizer to always place those specific enemies somewhere in the game, even if the Random Bosses flag is turned on.

You will fulfill the condition after completing the designated number of checks.

Note: For the purposes of the objective system, "checks" include any spot that can reward the player with either progression (including dragon encounters) or a reward-tier item; therefore, some checks may include multiple objective "checks."

You will fulfill the condition after completing a specified check.

Random Esper Mountain Kefka’s Tower Dragon G Mt. Zozo Dragon Search The Skies
Ancient Castle Fanatic’s Tower Dragon Kefka’s Tower Dragon S Narshe Battle Serpent Trench
Ancient Castle Dragon Fanatic’s Tower Leader Kohlingen Cafe Narshe Dragon South Figaro Prisoner
Baren Falls Fanatic’s Tower Follower Lete River Narshe Weapon Shop South Figaro Cave
Burning House Figaro Castle Throne Lone Wolf Chase Narshe Weapon Shop Mines Tritoch Cliff
Collapsing House Figaro Castle Engine Lone Wolf Moogle Room Opera House Disruption Tzen Thief
Daryl’s Tomb Floating Cont. Arrive Magitek Factory Trash Opera House Dragon Umaro’s Cave
Doma Siege Floating Cont. Beast Magitek Factory Guard Owzer’s Mansion Veldt
Doma Dream Door Floating Cont. Escape Magitek Factory Finish Phantom Train Veldt Cave
Doma Dream Awaken Gau’s Father’s House Mobliz Attack Phoenix Cave Whelk Gate
Doma Dream Throne Imperial Camp Mt. Kolts Phoenix Cave Dragon Zone Eater
Ebot’s Rock Kefka’s Tower Cell Beast Mt. Zozo Sealed Gate Zozo Tower
Narshe Moogle Defense

Note that even though the Auction House reward tier slots are not listed in the individual Check list and cannot be specified as an objective, they still count towards the total number of completed checks.

You will fulfill the condition after completing a specific quest. Quests can only be completed once, for purposes of fulfilling Objective Conditions.

Quest Details
Random Picks from one of the following options.
Defeat Sealed Cave Ninja In the Cave to the Sealed Gate, there is a switch that will cause an NPC to drop down from the ceiling and begin a fight. Defeat the monster to fulfill this quest.
Help Injured Lad In Mobliz WoB, there is an NPC in a bed that you can read letters to. After reading a letter to him, you can then send something for him by talking to another NPC in a nearby house.

Each time you send something will cost roughly between 1-3000 GP (normal distribution with mean 500, standard deviation 1000, where ~10% of the costs will be 2000+ GP and ~1% will be 3000+ GP). In order to trigger the next letter to be sent, talk to any shopkeeper and then return to the Injured Lad's house for the next letter. After you send 5 things for him, he will reward you with a random item and the quest will be fulfilled.

Let Cid Die Talk to Cid in the WoR and feed him bad fish/let enough time pass until he passes away. If you feed him enough fish for him to fully recover, you can reset this quest by going to the cliff north of the house. Note that if you leave the Solitary Beach maps (beach, outside the house, inside the house) and then go into any other area not on the overworld, the timer which counts down Cid's health is frozen, so you will only be able to "let Cid die" while in the Solitary Beach maps.
Pass Security Checkpoint In Narshe WoB, complete the security checkpoint puzzle in the Narshe Mines, starting from the southern entrance. Follow the light's path along the rocks and get to the northern door.
Perform In Opera Complete Celes' Opera sequence in WoB. The actions you must perform are the same as in vanilla (pick 3 correct menu options, interact with the Draco NPC and move the flowers to the balcony). The entrance to the quest is in the room north of the opera script room, where Celes prepares for her role in vanilla.
Save Cid Talk to Cid in the WoR and feed him good fish until he fully recovers. You can reset this quest by going to the cliff north of the house.
Set Zozo Clock Solve the Zozo clock puzzle. This can be done in WoB or WoR. If the Zozo clock is randomized, all the hints will be accessible only in WoB. A guide to setting a randomized clock can be found here.
Suplex A Train Use the Blitz "Suplex" on GhostTrain. If there are multiple GhostTrains in a game, you can fulfill this quest by Suplexing any of them.

To ensure this Quest is always do-able, the Phantom Forest has been changed. After completing the Phantom Train check, the Forest itself will be changed such that re-visiting the train area will automatically trigger a back attack fight against a GhostTrain. This event can be done repeatedly. However, the exits within the Forest itself have been randomized so players will not be able to easily access the train fight.
If this quest is required for Final Kefka and none of the character commands are set to Blitz, a random command will be changed to Blitz to ensure the game can be finished. If Blitz is randomly selected for a command via Random/Random Unique, no extra commands will be changed to Blitz.

Win An Auction Win an auction item. Can be done in either WoB or WoR. If Auction House rewards are not randomized, you must win 1 of the 2 reward tier slots in the Auction House.
Win A Coliseum Match Win 1 Coliseum match. Note that a "Sneeze" from Chupon is considered a "Win" for this objective.
Defeat KT Ambusher Defeat the boss at the Inferno ambush spot in Kefka's Tower.
Defeat KT Robot Defeat the boss at the Guardian spot in Kefka's Tower.
Defeat KT Left Statue Defeat the boss at the Doom statue spot in Kefka's Tower.
Defeat KT Mid Statue Defeat the boss at the Poltrgeist statue spot in Kefka's Tower.
Defeat KT Right Statue Defeat the boss at the Goddess statue spot in Kefka's Tower.