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Async Race - A race where participants are not required to run at the same time. This allows players the convenience to race as their schedule allows but requires those involved to avoid spoilers until they have completed their run.

Calmness protection - a way to dodge the death counter special that Sleep uses in Tier 3 of the final battle. Calmness is a physical instant death attack, not a magic-based instant death attack like many others in the game. Golem and Fenrir summons provide generally consistent party-wide defense against Calmness. Other abilities that improve the ability to dodge physical attacks also help.

Dead Check - A check which does not directly provide progression towards reaching final Kefka. Examples include checks which reward an Esper after a final Kefka objective Esper requirement has already been met.

Dev - "development" version of something, usually in reference to a test version of Worlds Collide with potential new features and changes

Dog Skip - avoiding a specific tile in Mobliz WoR will despawn a dog NPC that you normally have to wait for to move through a room to proceed to the Phunbaba sequence.

Draft - A race format where players take turns choosing flags in multiple categories. For example, player 1 might pick harder enemy scaling, then player 2 might choose cheap shops. The drafting process is currently only supported on the Discord. Read more about how the draft works here.

Dragoon/Dragoon build/Pogo stick - a character with DragoonBoots/natural Jump, Dragon Horn, and a high tier lance/Fixed Dice.

Egg - the Exp. Egg relic

8x weapon - having Genji Glove and Offering relics equipped and swinging 8 times per Fight command

FD - Fixed Dice

FT - Fanatic's Tower

Fixed Encounter or Event Encounter - An encounter which occurs at a specific tile/location or by interacting with an entity and cannot be avoided by wearing Moogle Charms. Some examples include: Opera House Rats, Burning House flames, Imperial Camp soldiers, Lete River and Serpent Trench encounters, IAF battles, and during the Floating Continent escape and Magitek Facility Mine Cart Ride.

Go mode - when a racer has completed enough Conditions to reach Final Kefka

Hash - Unique identifier for a particular seed. Appears as a series of four NPC sprites shown on the New Game screen below the version number. Also given in the text log after the flags

Infinite retort - a glitch related to Retort (SwdTech 2), which results in Retort occurring unexpectedly in battle.

KAN or K@N - Kefka At Narshe check.

KT - Kefka's Tower. The final dungeon which must be completed to finish the game.

MIAB - Monster in a box chest

Merton strats - having everyone in a party equipped with fire absorb/nullify, allowing a player to cast the Merton spell without hurting themselves

Moogle Charm - A relic which prevents random encounters when worn by any character in the active party. Flags optionally allow for starting with Moogle Charms and letting every character equip them.

ND/N&D - the Normalize and Distort flag

NFP - the former No Free Progression flag, now known as "No Free Characters/Espers"

Open vs Gated - Open World vs Character Gating, two gameplay modes. Open World allows access to all checks immediately, and Character Gating requires finding characters to unlock more checks.

Peeking - Peeking a check refers to being able to see a reward NPC/Magicite before completing the entirety of a check. Players can use this information to determine whether they want to fully complete a check or leave and try something else.

Rag - the Ragnarok sword (usually) or Esper (occasionally)

RJD - Reverse Joker Doom, a possible Slots outcome which instantly defeats all enemies in battle

RNG - Random Number Generation. Refers to something that is/was decided at random.

Seed - May refer to either the user definable flag or a particular instance of the game depending on context.

Soldier skip - Running past the last line of enemy NPCs during the Kefka @ Narshe sequence

SOTW - Seed of the Week. Each week a set of flags and a seed is selected and made available in Discord. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Spicy/fire chicken - the boss Poltrgeist

Vanilla - Refers to something unmodified from the original Final Fantasy VI.

Vknife - ValiantKnife

WOB and WOR - World of Balance and World of Ruin. The two worlds of Final Fantasy VI which may be accessed from the airship in Worlds Collide. Sometimes shortened to WB and WR.