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Tournament Presets
Common and convenient predefined flag strings for quickly changing every option or using as a base for further adjustments. Selecting a preset will overwrite any modified settings.


Game Mode
Regardless of game mode, it is recommended that new players reference the checks page or a guide to learn what is available in WC and which checks each character unlocks. Additionally, Trackers help players at any skill level remember which areas are available while playing.

Character Gated (-cg)
Checks are locked until the corresponding required character has been recruited. Required characters do not need to be in the active party to access checks.

Open World (-open)
Checks do not have requirements. Every check is available immediately at the beginning of the game.

Seed (-s)
User definable string which (when combined with other flags) decides how a game will be randomized. If unspecified, a random seed will automatically be generated.

Spoiler Log (-sl)
If enabled, the generated log file will also include spoilers such as check rewards and chest and shop contents. Like other flags, modifying this setting will change the resulting generated game.