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Restream Volunteer Resources

Restreamers combine different streams and audio commentary into a single stream.

FF6WC Restreaming Tutorial - Created by MrEntity
Siren bot commands for creating restream sign-ups and picking restreamed racers

Creating overlays for 4 player restreams - Created by MrEntity
Streamlink - A command-line utility that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of choice.

General restreaming tutorial - Created by Netara

Commentators provide narration, context, and insight for race stream viewers.

Tips for Improving Commentary Performance - Created by WhoDat42
Esports Casting - Created by Ravlin
Quick Guide to Caster Rules & Etiquette - Created by Moxxi
Guide to Interviews (post-race interviews) - Created by Moxxi
Commentary Guide - Created by Cecil
Standards of Commentary Guide - from FF4 Free Enterprise community

Trackers observe and record racers' progress so that viewers can follow along.

Tracking Guide - Created by Enth
Worlds Collide Tracking Spreadsheet - Created by franklin

SpeedGaming resources
SpeedGaming Broadcast Guide (covers tracking and commentary) - Created by TheShwantz27
Speedgaming Commentary Guidelines, Tips & Hints