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Starting Party

Start Character (-sc1, -sc2, -sc3, -sc4)
Which party members to start the game with. Selecting None for every starting character will result in starting with one random party member.

Starting Party Level (-stl)
What level starting party characters will be at the beginning of the game. If Start Average Level is disabled, this will also apply to all additional characters when they are recruited. Note that this overrides the vanilla initial starting level factor, where Mog would start at level 8 and Locke/Cyan/Edgar/Sabin/Strago/Gau/Gogo would start at level 5 instead of level 3.


Start Average Level (-sal)
If enabled, characters will join at the average level of every character recruited so far. Otherwise, they will begin at their original initial level as defined by Starting Party Level.

Start Naked (-sn)
If enabled, characters will join without any equipment. Othwerwise, they will begin with their original default equipment.

Equipable Umaro (-eu)
If enabled, players may change Umaro's equipment.

Character Stats (-csrp)
Character stats set to random percent of original value within given range using a uniform distribution, from 0% to 200%. There is a different random percentage for each individual stat, so a 10% increase to Vigor does not mean every other stat is increased 10%.

Affects: initial HP, initial MP, vigor, speed, stamina, magic power, battle power, defense, evade, magic defense, magic block.