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Custom Flags

Custom flags may be modified without changing the resulting generated game.

Names (-name)
A custom name of up to six alphanumeric characters may be assigned to each character.

Palettes (-cpal)
The six color palettes available for main character sprites and an additional extra palette which may be assigned to other sprites but not any main characters.

Portraits (-cpor)
A custom portrait may be assigned to each character and imp. Portraits use their own color palettes and are not affected by any other sprite/palette options.

Sprites (-cspr)
A custom sprite may be assigned to each character and 6 other sprites: Soldier, Imp, Esper Terra, Merchant, Ghost, and Kefka.

Sprite Palettes (-cspp)
Which palette index to assign to each sprite (0-5 for main characters and 0-6 for other NPCs).

Note that as there are fewer color palettes than sprites, some sprites must share the available palettes. Additionally, the customizable palettes are used by various NPCs throughout the game not displayed.