Beginners guide:stuck

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So you think you are stuck?

  • Have you tried every check open to you? If one is walling you, go check the other checks available to you. That might open up new treasures and new characters/espers that will give you new tools.
  • Check to see if your bosses can be cheesed somehow. Can you absorb all of its attacks? Will vanish protect you? How about reflect?
  • Retail therapy - Go shopping. Most shops are available to you at all times, go see if the shops have relics, armor, or weapons that will help get you though.
  • Learn a few spells - See what spells you have on espers, and go fight a few random battles to learn the spells and see if that helps you get through.
  • Grind a few levels - Depending on your scaling settings this may just give you more HP as a buffer, or it might let you get ahead of the enemy entirely.
  • If you are still stuck send the seed and details in a PM to Ravlin